How To Use A Steamer On Curtains

how to use a garment steamer

Using steam on curtains requires very little effort and is a great way to get curtains clean and dust free. Plus, steam will keep drapes looking like new and will refresh and sanitize drapes and will remove wrinkles and creases. A handheld steamer is best to use because the curtains can be cleaned while hanging from the rod. The following are great tips on how to use a steam cleaner to clean curtains.

Test Area First

Before using the steam cleaner on curtains, it is recommended that users test a hidden area of the drapes first. If the fabric is not damaged, it is safe to use the steamer. Also, never use a steam to clean velvet curtains.

Close And Clean Windows

Close the windows during the cleaning process so that dirt and debris will not blow in from the outside. In addition, make sure the windows, windowsills and frames are dust and dirt free before cleaning. Also, make sure the floor is clean near the drapes because wet drapes attract dirt and dust.

Fill Tank

Make certain to carefully follow the instructions offered by the manufacturer when filling the tank with water. Wait a few minutes so that the water can heat up. Next, place the upholstery attachment on the end of the hose. It is important to mention that steam is extremely hot, so it is highly advised to be mindful of that when using a steamer.

Hold Nozzle Away From Curtains

It is best to hold the nozzle about six to seven inches from the curtains. Start at the top and work slowly down to the bottom. Make certain to hold the steamer upright so the dirt will run back into the machine. If the curtains are wrinkled or have seams, hold the nozzle about 2 to 3 inches from the curtains to remove the wrinkles and creases. Once, the entire front surface of the curtains has been cleaned repeat the process on the back of the drapes. Allow curtains to dry completely.

There are not any harsh chemicals involved with steam. Plus, steam is nontoxic and eco-friendly. The cleaning process will safely remove dirt, dust and contaminants from the curtains. Steam cleaning is an excellent method for cleaning drapes and is safe for most fabrics and will make curtains spotless.

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